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Orion 8 / 9

Frequency 8890929496 98100102104107 (MHz)
Gain 13.613.713.713.813.9 13.713.713.713.613.6 (dB)
Acceptance angle45 Deg Height33"
Front to Back Ratio (98MHz)25.2 dB Width68"(max.)
Windload @ 100mph30 lbs Length74"
Weight4.2 kilos
The Orion "8" is now based on the standard frame of our most popular model the Galaxie 17. it consists of 5 reflector elements a circular dipole and two director elements, and allows an upgrade path right up to a G26. These models are ideal for smaller chimneys or where extra height is required without the higher windloading of a Full Galaxie model. (pictured above previous version with non-standard frame)
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