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Galaxie 23

Frequency 8890929496 98100102104107 (MHz)
Gain (dB)
Acceptance angle15 Deg Height33"
Front to Back Ratio (98MHz)38.9 dB Width68"(max.)
Windload @ 100mph72 lbs Length134"
Weight9.97 kilos
The Galaxie "23" is the ultimate in design being both mechanically and dynamically balanced giving excellent, fringe reception at extreme range. The frame is well braced with outriggers on both main and reflector sections. It is advisable to "twin mast" the "23" as its physical weight and windloading are high. Rotator submasts should be kept to a minimum, unless an alignment bearing is used. The virtually flat response and high rejection of the top at the range aerial give dynamic results especially on classical music.
Comment by Angus McKenzie in Hi Fi News & Record Review December 1981 "Perhaps the unusual design of the Galaxie is that it seems to pick up far less multipath distortion than any other aerial I haveĀ  yet used, so it may well cure problems that some people have in difficult areas"
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